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We pride ourselves on being a one-stop agency for start-ups and established businesses, providing full-service production services, brand consulting, research and scalable sales training services. While BGC is considered a boutique agency, we prefer it that way. We LOVE being able to focus on our core group of clients (but we always have room for new ones)

It’s no coincidence that we focus on four core areas of consulting that typically, create the most fear, frustration and confusion for most businesses (and especially for start ups. We allow you to focus on growing your brand and business. Let the professionals at BGC do the heavy lifting.

Robert Gunton

Aside from founding Big Gun Creative, Robert Gunton is well known as the voice of Quest Software, The Los Angeles Clippers, and the International e-learning brand voice for Taco Bell. He has voiced countless commercials for radio and TV, as well as numerous characters for video games and cartoons. He works nationwide and internationally from the comfort of his home studio in Los Angeles.

Outside of the entertainment business, Robert is a nationally recognized sales expert with years of experience training salespeople in the field(s) of advertising, marketing and branding. Including training sales forces for some of the largest companies in the United States, including the west division of internet monolith,

Robert started Big Gun Creative to provide a one-stop agency solution for small businesses and startups, focusing on the four core areas of work that typically create the most fear, frustration and confusion for executives and business owners. Through Robert’s team’s work, BGC empowers their clients to focus on growing their brand and business – while Big Gun Creative handles the rest.